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Spinal Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Leak of Canada

Spinal CSF Leak Canada is a Canadian volunteer organization.  The purpose of the organization is to improve the lives of Canadians suffering from intracranial hypotension caused by spinal CSF leaks.

We seek to achieve our goal through a number of means:

1.     Raising awareness of the condition among the general public, and positioning Spinal CSF Leak Canada as a trusted source of information regarding the condition;

2.     Raising awareness of the condition among healthcare professionals across Canada; 

3.     Fundraising to assist in advancing medical research relating to the causes, diagnostic testing, treatments and post-care treatment/outcomes of spinal CSF leaks; and

4.      To provide patient advocacy and a forum for those suffering with spinal CSF leaks.  

At Spinal CSF Leak Canada we understand what patients are going through.  We want you to know you are not alone.

Honorary members

Honorary Members are individuals who have distinguished themselves through their patient support efforts and other initiatives in advancing the spinal CSF leak cause in Canada.  

Spinal CSF Leak Canada is pleased to recognize Betty Lu Edwards and Ingrid Wall Syndal as honorary members of the Spinal CSF Leak Canada organization for their pioneering work and dedication.